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During this challenging pandemic we've devoted much time and love into creating these specialty recorded and edited wellness classes to assist our community in maintaining their peace, health, and balance. It is so important now more than ever to invest your energy in wellness practices to keep yourself as healthy possible during these difficult times that often impact us mentally, emotionally and physically. Take your wellness into your own hands and make the time for are worth it!


We understand that this pandemic is causing a financial hardships for many of us.  Thus, we are offering these classes for free or (if financially-able) for a suggested donation (or pay what you can).  We welcome you to view the class first to determine it's value to you; and again, if you are experiencing  financial hardship we invite you to take the class for free as our gift to you... for when one of us becomes healthier and more at peace we ALL benefit!


We are all in this together.  Metta to all:  May we all be free from harm's way.  May we all experience Supreme Joy (deeper than "I want" or "I don't want").  May we all be healthy in mind/body/spirit.  May we all be at peace and live our lives with ease.

More Videos to be added weekly

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Community is important to us, and we are excited to provide a supportive, peaceful, and nurturing atmosphere where people can begin to align themselves with their own healing abilities while learning, growing, and connecting with others through group classes, workshops, and other events


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